Student Housing – Florida State University

If you’ve been looking at student housing near Florida State University, you may be starting to wonder if every housing option is exactly the same as the rest. There is another alternative. Our unique student-oriented community at Redpoint West Tenn offers distinctive living spaces that are anything but ordinary.
We know that whether you’re a Florida State or A&M undergrad, or you’re graduate student working on your master’s degree, you have a lot more going on besides trying to find the perfect place to settle in for the upcoming academic year. For this reason, we invite you to look out here, off the beaten path, and discover everything we have to offer at Redpoint West Tenn.

Redpoint West Tenn Offers More

As a Florida State University student, you’re likely searching for something more. More adventure, more space, more amenities – but most of all – more than the ordinary student housing near the Tallahassee campus. Step up to the extraordinary at Redpoint West Tenn, where you’ll find other FSU students who have discovered the perfect place to escape the congestion of the college campus. Out here you can live larger – dream bigger – and make the most of your college years.

Room to Roam

The college life is a social experience as well as an educational opportunity; but now more than ever before, everyone needs a space to call their own. We know that no matter how much you love your classes, engage your fellow students, and attend social activities, there always comes a time when you’ll need to recharge.
At Redpoint, we’ve reimagined student housing, creating a real community where everything is more spacious – and even more inviting. You’ll find balconies and porches, room to roam and room to breathe, space to just be you – but with all the luxurious amenities you might expect at a fine resort.

Conveniently Located

If you’re someone who enjoys finding your own way or taking the road less traveled, Redpoint West Tenn is the place for you. Convenient to campus, with all the comforts of home, our unique student community provides everything you need while offering so much more than the typical student apartments at Florida State University.
Step away from the crowd, choose to be just different enough to make a difference, set goals, shatter stereotypes – this is how you become a leader. That’s what we’ve set out to do at Redpoint West Tenn – and that’s what attracts the Florida State students who choose to become part of our community. Come share the adventure – complete your application today!

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New applicants only; limit one resident per bedroom. Housing Agreement must be fully signed while this limited-time promotion is in effect. Approved guarantor or increased administrative fee required. All agreements are subject to management approval under regular application policies. Special offers, including discounted rates, may not be combined.